10,000 students will get Rs 7 lakh in first year and then lifetime accident insurance of Rs 5 lakh free of cost without any kind of premium

“Pratibha Foundation”

In order to create an ideal India as part of their innovation, “Maru surat Smart Surat” is making the first program to be smart and safe for the youth of Surat, in which

This complete process will be a paperless.

Together, 10,000 young students will open the full digital account at the National Bank of SBI, on 0 balances.

These 10,000 students will be given a free life insurance of Rs 7 lakh in the first year and no later than Rs 5 lakh for any kind of premium free of cost.

Each student is given an accidental life cover for life, in exchange for one tree will be given …

It is also a program for the maintenance of the tree under the Myself under Self-benefit for the youth who understand the value of the Earth.

Apart from this, the young children of Slum area who have reached dance India Dance and India Got Talent from their popularity will present their dance form.

You are invited to all the public .. You can come and join this program of social service.

The benefit of this scheme can be taken by anyone older than 18 years



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