Diamond Industry In Surat

Hey Friends, today we are talking about our diamond business.

?Alert Friend From China?

China is a major threat to our diamond industry. Our diamond industry is rocketing in the hands of China. If the government and employers do not take proper action, then our diamond industry will go to China in the upcoming 10 years. 
                                     diamond business china
Artists are wrecked as they get the benefits of labor law according to P.F. ESI Bonus Hikarja Graduate Pay Sleep does not have the right to be included, due to which the number of craftsmanship continues to decline and the direct benefits are given to China. 
diamond business china
Now the time has come for jewelers to become aware, if not today, owners and Together with the government, we will implant it permanently ????

diamond business china

End Last I Hope To You Can Save Our Diamond Business  in Surat

→Why is Surat called the Diamond City of India?

➤Because of SURAT

➭polishes over 99.99% of INDIA’S DIAMONDS !!!!

➭exports 90% of INDIA’S Total Diamond Exports !!

➭It is believed that 9 out of 10 diamonds in Manhattan is from Surat!

➭Surat is producing 90% of Asia’s diamond and in Surat, the big companies of diamond including Bombay diamond markets are also there and perhaps 60% population of Surat is engaged in the business of diamond.

➭Also, A great return can be achieved by any people having the capacity to do that work and the main advantage of this business is no education qualification is required for it. So, many peoples are joined in this line and producing a large number of diamonds.

“Someone talks,in surat farms, diamonds are cropped

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