How to Apply for New Ration Card | Obtain a New Barcoded Ration Card

Today I Providing Information about How to Apply for New Ration Card @ some people also are known as Obtain a New Barcoded Ration Card in Gujarat. There are Mainly Two Methods to Apply For New Ration Card. here We are providing information about New ration card process and Which Document Needs For New apply Ration Card.

Apply for New Ration Card | Obtain a new barcoded ration card

Those who do not have any type of ration card at the place of current residence and those who have been residing in the state of Gujarat for a long time but do not have a ration card, can now apply in Form-II if they need a ration card.

Document Needs For New apply Ration Card

You will need the following details to fill out the form for a new ration card, so keep it handy before filling out the form.

  1. Example of reduction in name in existing ration card (if any) or in ration card of other district
  2. Electricity bills
  3. Incometax PAN card
  4. Property tax bills of Gram Panchayat / NPA / MPA /
  5. Driving license
  6. Telephone mobile bills
  7. Election Credentials (All the members who have obtained Credentials)
  8. Cooking gas passbook
  9. PNG Last gas consumption bill
  10. Farmer’s ledger or village sample no-4-a
  11. NREGA job card
  12. Bank passbook
  13. Kisan Credit Card

The details required in the form such as name, address, caste, name of other person of the family and their relationship, study, occupation, income and other information should be written in clear and legible letters as per the instructions given. And its relevant evidence will have to be attached.

If the applicant is living on rent, he / she will have to provide the basis of rent / rent delivery. When the house is owned by him, he has to write the property number and electricity connection number accurately and attach a Xerox of the last bill.

Customers receiving gas from cooking gas connections and pipelines will have to provide details.

If the member is above 18 years of age and has an election identity card, his number will have to be written. (This detail is mandatory.)

If you do not have any type of ration card and have applied for a ration card, you will need to present the identity of the person who currently has a ration card and a photocopy of their signature, election identity card and driving license. Without it you will not be given a new card.

Family members who are 18 years of age or older will be able to provide fingerprints (biometrics) of both hands, and take a photo of them.

When you submit the application form for a new ration card, you need to get access to it and save it. You will be able to get a new ration card by submitting this access later.

If you have any difficulty in filling up the form, you can report it on toll free number: ૧૮૦૦ ૨૩૩ પપ૦૦

There are Mainly Two Method to Apply For New Ration Card

  1. Online Method For Ration Card (
  2. Offline Method For Ration Card

1. Online Method For Ration Card (

➟ The applicant must visit the official website of Gujarat Government using the link:

➟ The applicant must already be registered with the portal. If a new user, then registers yourself with the Digital Gujarat official portal.

➟ After the successful registration, click on the “Revenue” menu on the home page.

➟ Then select “Application for New Ration Card” under the online services.

➟ You will be led to the next page, here you have click on the “Apply online” button for filing the form online.

➟ You have to enter your login id and password and then click on the “Continue to Service” button.

➟ Now give all the required details in the form. Then click on “update profile” button to save your profile and click on the “Next” button.

➟ You will be guided to the Ration Card Applicant details page, where you have to specify all the required information in the form.

➟ After filling all the details in the application form click on the “Submit” button.

How to Apply for New Ration Card | Obtain a New Barcoded Ration Card


2. Offline Method For Ration Card

Apply for New Ration Card is an official certificate which is provided by all the State Governments to its citizen for purchasing subsidized provisions. The Gujarat Government has decided to issue new bar-coded ration cards as per the Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Department. The objective of the issue of new ration card is to eliminate the duplicate and bogus ration cards and cover all eligible beneficiaries in the state of Gujarat. In this article, we look at the guidelines for obtaining a Gujarat ration card in detail.

Documents Required to Apply for Gujarat Ration Card

  1. Proof of Date of Birth.
  2. Proof of Residence.
  3. PAN card.
  4. Driving license.
  5. Passport size photograph.
  6. Aadhaar Card.

Apply for New Ration Card The applicant may download the application from the official website of DigitalGujarat portal. The application form is reproduced below


Apply for New Ration Card You can get the application form for new ration card from any Circle Office in your state. You have to fill the application form and submit it to the office along with the required details. You will be notified in the course of time to obtain a new ration card.

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