Lelbuga King : Darshan Time, Qatar, Photos and Safety

Lalbaugcha 2018

What is the back story of Lalbaugcha King (and what is the fish connection)?

In the 1900s, Lalbaug was not what we know today. In place of growing markets, this area was filled with more than 130 cotton mills and it is known as giragone or ‘village mills’. A market hit in 1932 and the livelihood of all vendors and fishermen in this area had a serious effect. At that time, he prayed to Lord Ganapati to reopen the need for the market and bless him. In a few months, they were given land land to form a market, which is the current Lalbaug market. As a sign of their gratitude, in 1934, they partly established a statue of a costume of a fisherman (according to many variations in the statue). In the subsequent years, the power of Lalbaghcha Raja or Navasacha Ganapati (will-bearer) has shown interest in every field of life of the people of the country.

What security arrangements have been made for the King of Lalbaghcha?

There are strict security and congestion measures, with around 2 million devotees who visit Lembugacha Raja. This year, 180 CCTV cameras have been installed on the premises. Apart from police protection, 5,000 trained volunteers will be transferred to the Pandal, out of which 1000 have been given training in women and 130 firefighting by Mumbai Fire Brigade. In addition, the Lalbaghcha King Sarvajanik Ganeshvashav has made a safety video, so you can ask for a check.

Late King Darshan Time
Depending on how you want to stay close to God, choose from the Main Darshan or the Navas / Charana-Visar Darshan Quotes.

Main Darshan: 

Get in the queue if you are okay with a fast-moving idol from a few meters away. Waiting time can be up to 6-7 hours Charan-Visar Darshan starts at 6 o’clock on September 13 and the round-the-way is open till 22nd September.

When is Lelugucha the best time to visit the king?

Circle officials say to CNT that you can expect a long queue of each level safely around the clock. However, some regularly say that there are small crowds in the night and in the week. Tuesday is an exception, which is particularly well-liked and draws a large number of viewers. Breathe yourself to the crush, wherever you choose to go; There is almost no way to work around it.

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